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End of summer cleaning tips for Hudson Valley households

9/26/2017 (Permalink)

Soaking your grill grates in vinegar eliminates much of the scrubbing and makes you end of summer cleaning chore go much quicker!

With our late September heat wave having passed, it's safe to say that summer is officially over. It's time for Putnam County families to clean out that minivan of the remnants of summer and pack it all away. 

  • Musty beach towels: Oops! Were some towels left wet in the car? Wash them with hot water with detergent and a cup of vinegar in the wash cycle. This will remove the odor. Pack them in a space saver bag until next summer! 
  • Muddy sneakers: Let the mud dry completely. Then take the shoes outside and bang the soles together to remove as much of the dried mud as possible. Using a solution of warm water and hand dishwashing liquid and an old toothbrush, scrub gently to remove the remaining dirt. For stubborn dirt marks, scrub with a nylon pad. Wipe with a damp sponge or damp paper towels. Stuff the tennis shoes with clean paper towels and let them air-dry. 
  • Plastic outdoor furniture: By the end of the season, these are filthy and often have mildew on them. Clean with a mild detergent and water. For very tough stains, put on rubber gloves and wet a clean sponge or brush with a bleach mixture (1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water), then wipe down the furniture. Scrub the stains until they disappear or won't fade. 
  • Soiled outdoor cushions: Acrylic, polyester and cotton fabrics should be spot-cleaned by sponging with a solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water. Rinse with clear water and air-dry. 
  • Dirty plastic pool toys: Mix 3/4 cup of chlorine bleach per gallon of warm water. Soak the prewashed toys for five minutes. Rinse and then air-dry. If the toys aren't used during the winter, store them in a closed container so they'll stay clean and dust-free. 
  • The Grill: Warm soapy water and some elbow grease is needed to clean the grill. Once again, a soak in vinegar can also help the grates!

While we all are sad to see summer come to a close in the Brewster, NY area, who doesn't enjoy the crisp air, the sounds of leaves crunching under their feet and the cinnamon and apple smells that fall brings? Enjoy! 

How to remove carpet stains in your Hudson Valley home

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

Living in a full house means carpet stains are inevitable. Call SERVPRO of Putnam County if these tips don't remove your stains.

In a well lived in New York home, carpet stains are unavoidable. Whether your dog runs through the house with muddy paws from all of the spring rain or your child spills a drink and forgets to tell you, wall to wall carpeting can sure take a beating.

While some carpet stains require a call to SERVPRO of Putnam County for a deep cleaning and stain removal, there are some tricks that you can try at home to remove small isolated stains.

We recommend that you resist the urge to scrub hard at stains and instead, gently blot the spot, work from the outside in, rinse with water and repeat. With all stain removal methods, first test in an inconspicuous area to make certain it wont further damage your carpet.

Stains that are water soluble such as food, juice, latex paint and soda can be removed with a simple solution of non bleach detergent and water.

Use a tablespoon of ammonia mixed with a cup of water to treat particularly difficult stains such as chocolate, coffee, tea and wine on non-wool carpeting. 

In order to remove oil or wax, place a paper towel on the carpet and iron it on a low setting. The oil will stick the towel!

Use ice to freeze wax or gum and then use a hammer to shatter it. Vacuum the pieces up immediately. 
Pet urine can be removed with a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar. After blotting that solution up, follow up with a gentle detergent and water solution and rinse. 
We all want to get as much life out of our carpeting as possible. Don't let small stains get you down! If you have carpeting that needs a thorough cleaning and has significant staining, call SERVPRO of Putnam County at (845) 228-1090

It's time to spring clean your Lake Carmel home!

3/31/2017 (Permalink)

Try this trick for those hard to clean window blinds!

I think it's safe to say that Spring has finally come to Putnam CountySix months of closed windows, snow being tracked in  and, for many of us, wood stove and fireplace dust accumulating has taken it's toll on our homes.   It's time to open the windows, let some fresh air in your home and spring clean.  Here we share some of our favorite house cleaning tricks. 

Floors – Move your furniture in order to get those spots that were missed all winter. Consider using a wood floor restoration product, which can be purchased at a local home improvement store, on your floors to give them a new shine! Carpets should be vacuumed and stains can be spot cleaned. The SERVPRO of Putnam County crew can come to your home and give your carpets a professional cleaning to give your carpets a fresh start. 

Ceiling Fans – Admit it, these probably haven't been cleaned since last year. Using a damp rag, wipe both sides of the fan to remove that layer of dust.  

Windows- These will need to be cleaned inside and out. Use a rag and soapy water, and then dry them with another rag. You can also go to an auto-parts store and buy a windshield squeegee, which cleans very well. Your window screens can be cleaned with a dry scrap of carpet, which works as a brush and removes the dirt from the tiny spaces! 

Window coverings should be cleaned as well. Drapes and curtains can be removed and put them through the air-fluff cycle in the dryer along with a wet towel (to draw off the dust) for 15 minutes. Hang them back in the windows immediately. 

Window blinds can be cleaned by placing a microfiber cloth on each side of a pair of tongs with a rubberband, dipping in a 50/50 vinegar and water solution and wiping each blind slat with the tongs.  

Faucets - If there is lime build up around your faucets, you can remove it with this trick.  Lay paper towels over the fixture, soak it with vinegar and let it set for an hour. The deposits will soften and become easier to remove with a cleaning rag. 

Your refrigerator most likely needs a scrub down as well. A very effective refrigerator cleaner is a combining  salt and club soda. The bubbling action of the club soda combines with the abrasive texture of the salt to make a great cleaner. 

If the showerhead in your bathroom is looking grimy and perhaps spraying unevenly, give a deep clean. Mix vinegar with water in a plastic baggy and secure it around your shower head with a twisty tie. Let the solution soak for 30 minutes and remove. You can follow up with a scrub a toothbrush to remove the remaining grime.  

Freshen your bed! Sprinkle your mattress with baking soda (you can add your favorite essential oil to it if you like a scent!). Let sit for 20 minutes and vacuum it up. On a nice sunny day, hang comforters and blankets outside to freshen up.

Tips for Air Conditioning Efficiency

6/16/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Putnam County (845) 228-1090 to have your ducts inspected.

School is out, the beaches are filling up and the smell of barbeque is filling the air. Summer is here, Putnam County! There is so much to enjoy in the summer except for those high air conditioning bills!  Thankfully, there are some preventative measures you can take to lower your electric bill this summer. 

Exterior Inspection: We recommend doing an inspection of the area around your air conditioning unit and clear the area of brush and weeds that have grown in or gathered there. This will ensure that your air conditioning unit will get enough air to cool the house and keep unwanted brush from entering the ac unit.

Inspect Filters: Inspect your filters to determine whether they need to be replaced. As a rule of thumb, filters should be replaced every season. Dirty filters will increase energy usage and affect air quality in the house.

Check Freon Levels: If your freon levels are low, it could indicate a leak, which can lower efficiency and decrease the lifespan of the air conditioner compressor. 

Have your Ducts Inspected: Call SERVPRO of Putnam County (845) 228-1090 to have your ducts inspected. Having your air ducts cleaned by our professionals will increase the efficiency of your system. 

We hope these tips help you stay cool and save money this summer, Putnam County!


Our Highly Trained Restoration Specialists can restore your Putnam County Home

5/31/2016 (Permalink)

We are an IICRC Certified Firm

SERVPRO of Putnam County is an IICRC firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

IICRC Certified Firms must

• Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

• Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.

• Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

• Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.

• Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops The Standards For The Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

About SERVPRO of  Putnam County

SERVPRO of Putnam County specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and we are an IICRC Certified Firm. We believe in continuous training: from initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

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