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Business owner with SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile Folder

Prepping for Commercial Damages, a Mahopac Office Shows Off Emergency Ready Profile

SERVPRO offers clients their free Emergency Ready App. This allows property owners to set up a profile with all types of valuable information such as a button to alert local technicians they need to respond, the location of electric and water shutoffs and important contact information.

Mahopac Commercial Water Damage

This building in Mahopac was damaged by a leak that soaked into the sheetrock and also the cinder blocks. Our SERVPRO team did a "flood cut' to minimize the deconstruction and build-back needed. By using lay-flat plastic, we enclose the damp blocks for more thorough and fast drying. We do whatever it takes to complete the job professionally with validated drying results.

Water Damage In Mahopac

When water has damaged your ceiling, you need to call our crew right away! Our fast response will lower your restoration costs, prevent mold growth, and limit further damage. SERVPRO of Putnam County has the experience, advanced training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your Mahopac home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

Chimney Fire in Putnam County Home

Chimney fires and puff backs are some of the most common we see in our industry.  Luckily the damage from this chimney fire was minimal and we were able to get the homeowner's back into their home as quickly as possible

Fire Damage

Fires can be devastation to anything in their path.  In this photo you can see the damage to this homeowner's front entry.  The homeowner appreciated how compassionate our crews were when dealing with trying to restore as many of her contents as possible

Water Damage to Carpet

This water loss affected multiple rooms of carpet and hardwood flooring.  Our technicians followed industry standards when it came to removing the affected materials and getting this homeowner back to normal life as quickly as possible.

Storm Damage

High winds mixed with torrential rains can be a dangerous combination for homeowners in the Putnam County area.  This homeowner experienced major storm damage to their home after a tornado ripped through the Hudson Valley.

Tornado Damage in Brewster NY

The lower hudson valley was hit with major storm damage due to tornadoes.  In this photo your can see how branches from trees went through the windows of this home.  This, in combination with the rains, led to water damage in this Brewster New York home.

Mold in Carmel NY

Proper ventilation in your bathroom is extremely important to help prevent against mold growth. In this Carmel New York home, you can see just how improper ventilation mixed with a slow leak can lead to mold growth.

Mahopac Commercial Water Loss

Commercial operations can not afford to lose a day of business when a water loss occurs.  Our crews quick response time help to keep business like this running after disaster strikes!

Commercial Water Loss in Patterson, NY

Water losses require quick response to help minimize damages.  This statement rings even more true when it happens to a business.  This business in Patterson, New York called us in after their sprinkler system burst.  

Commercial water damage restoration in Brewster, NY

When this Putnam County hair salon experienced a frozen pipe that burst, SERVPRO of Putnam County came in and dried it up within a few days and got them back in business quickly!

Roof leak from an ice dam

Due to an ice dam, this Brewster roof leaked, causing damage to the walls as well as the wood floors in the living room of this home. We were able to extract the water from the floors, which saved them from demolition

Water damage restoration is often a desk job for us here at SERVPRO of Putnam County

While most of our customers meet our estimator Brendan at their homes, much of his work occurs at his desk. This is where he uses our estimation program, Xactimate, to ascertain what the water, fire or mold restoration will cost.

Frozen pipes burst in Mahopac, NY

During a cold night in Mahopac, the pipes of this Putnam County home burst. Upon receiving the call, the SERVPRO crew was there quickly to remove the damaged drywall and dry out the area. 

Mold remediation in Mahopac, NY

When we are restoring a home that has mold damage, we use sheeting to contain the area. This allows our team to work in the area while stopping the mold spores from spreading.

Electrical fire in Carmel, NY

The damage from a garage fire in Carmel, NY extended throughout the home and into the wall cavities. Much of the walls and flooring required demolition. We were able to clean many of the families personal items. 

Chimney Fire in Putnam County

A chimney fire in Putnam County caused extensive damage to the exterior of the home, as well as the interior. Of immediate importance due to freezing temperatures was protecting the home from the elements with tarps and plywood.

Frozen pipes burst in Brewster

One of the top calls we receive is for water damage clean up and restoration after a homes pipes freeze and burst, as was the case in this Brewster, NY residence. 

Home Fire causes major damage in Putnam County, NY

A fire to this Putnam County home caused devastating damage inside and out. SERVPRO of Putnam County was there to clean up the soot, smoke and assist in salvaging personal items. 

Ice dam causes water damage in Patterson, NY

When an ice dam on the roof of this home in Patterson, NY melted, the water dripped through the insulation and ceiling and down the walls. the SERVPRO team removed all of the wet material to make sure that mold couldn't grow. 

Toilet leak at Southeast, NY business causes water damage

When a 2nd floor toilet overflowed, the leaking water damaged a majority of the ceiling tiles in this Southeast office. Our team removed the tiles and dried out the office to ensure the space was moisture free. 

We've moved to a new location!

When the bay next to our old location, which had significantly more square footage, became available we jumped at the chance to make the move. It will allow us to store household items for our customers, saving them from excessive storage fees.

Mold Remediation in Peekskill, NY

A broken water heater in this Putnam County home caused air quality concerns and an inspection was positive for mold. Our crew removed the ceiling where mold was present and vented through an air scrubber.

Water damage in Mahopac, NY

A burst pipe in the kitchen of this 1940 home required removal of the flooring. There were 4 layers of flooring that had to be removed. Sometimes, we don't know what we wil find when we start peeling back the layers of an older home!

We save wood and tile floors with our floor mat system

One way that we can restore wood and tile flooring and eliminate the need for replacing it is through the use of the floor mat system. We are able to extract the water from the flooring without damage!

All packed up

One of the vital services that we perform when we come to your home after you experience water or fire damage is packing up and storing your belongings during remediation. 

We service commercial accounts

The crew of SERVPRO of Putnam County is trained and equipped to do commercial water and fire  remediation. Call us at (845) 228-1090 if your business has water or fire damage.

Katonah, NY home fire

A kitchen fire in this Katonah home brought a portion of the structure to a skeleton. SERVPRO of Putnam County is dedicated to responding immediately to your Katonah fire damage emergency, whether it big or small.

Hurricane damage in Patterson, NY

High winds from Hurricane Sandy caused a branch to fall on this Patterson, NY home, allowing rain to flood the home. We boarded up the hole and mitigated the water damage inside. 

Toilet overflow in Brewster, NY

When an upstairs toilet overflowed in this Brewster, NY home, the water leaked through the flooring and the tile ceilings were damaged. SERVPRO of Putnam County  crews are specially trained to clean up sewage disasters.

Mold under carpet in Putnam Valley, NY

Sometimes, homeowners aren't aware of unseen moisture that can cause favorable conditions for mold growth. After noticing a smell in one of the bedrooms in their finished basement, the owners of this Putnam Valley home gave us a call. Removal of the carpet revealed extensive mold growth. 

Mold on walls in Bedford Hills, NY

Mold was discovered on the walls of this Bedford Hills, NY home. Remediation included demolition, sanitizing and the removal of mold spores. Call SERVPRO of Putnam County if you discover mold in your home!